ASUS G60JX Steam Issues


Apr 20, 2010
OK, So I found out that I am not the only with this problem. For those of you who have an asus g60jx, or similar, and are experiencing issues with steam (steam will freeze the PC when booting steam) here is your solution. ( I have tried every other option similar to repair of defective software and this IS the only way to fix it.

anyway, yeah, I was having issues too, so this is the only way I figured out how to fix it. I'll take you step-by-step.

OK, so first thing we wanna do is back-up files. Ill make it EZ.
If you have an external hard drive (which is highly recommended) go to (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps) copy the steamapps folder and paste it on your external.

Copy and paste all your documents, movies, pictures, music, install packages, ROMS, downloads or W/E to the external.

We don't want to create an image or "back-up" of windows because if we did, and restored it, the problem would arise all over again because its a perfect copy of everything involved with you system right now. We want to fix that.

Once your confident you have everything you need, (or if you just don't have an external, which would be very inconvenient because you will have to re-download everything)

Shut-down or restart the computer and during the bios (when the republic of gamers logo "fires or explodes") spam or push repeatedly the F10 button.

There is a partition in your hard drive that will restore your computer to its original factory setting, A.K.A fresh install of windows 7, plus the Asus factory software and the Best Buy Install package. Thats all will be left on your computer after we do this.

Ok, you spammed F10 and now you see one option. Select this option, and a new screen will show-up; it will ask you a few questions..
(Oh yeah, this is the edit, I noticed that the F10 button is "touchy", so in-order to make a sure-fire bet we will get to the screen we want, Spam F9 instead and once you are in this menu, THEN push F10 and then a nice long and complicated command string will be offered. This is what we want.)

What language do you want? and then it will as you to choose 1 of 3 options. Choose the top option. (I cant remember the exact wording but I know its the simplest choice and its what we are looking for)

Your computer will then proceed to format and then re-install windows 7. there is no turning back once you hit finished.

Your computer will do some automated stuff, ask you some "first-time" usage questions and then proceed to hand over windows to you, just like the first day you bought it.

The first thing before anything I did was install steam. Before I updated and restored anything else. I let steam install and update, then I put everything back off my external.

(make sure everything works on your external as well, cause I had the whole evangelion series, and the files weren't copied correctly; but everything else did, so your in a safe bet. =D)

This Worked, and is still working.

Let me know how you do!

P.S. If you dont have an external, but you do have an excellent connection ((10 Mbps or better recommended for this option uploading and downloading)) I would create a dropbox,, and store all my files there. Its an online storage cloud, and can service you further as well.

O.K., let me know if you have any questions or need any help!
OR, if you know a better solution as there may be, please let me know!
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