Asus G60VX Overheating issue while idle


Oct 16, 2009
Ok, so I have an Asus G60VX Laptop. CPUs while idle gets up to around 66-68C. GPU around 78-83C while idle. Now I have once before using NVPMManager Uni a Nvidia powermizer software got it to idle like its suppose to around 40-50C speaking of the GPU and of course the respective CPU idle temp as well. However, somehow over time it stopped working and continued rising in temp and just getting ridiculous. I have already done the fake air hole heat mod. I physically cut a hole where the cooling fan is to allow more airflow. However that seems to do nothing. Now granted I understand graphic intense laptops are suppose to be a warm type. I just don't understand why Asus or Nvidia make sure that these laptops idle at good temps. I feel that if an overclocking software can do it why can't core software do it when they develop the GCs into the laptops. Anyways enough ranting I would really appreciate any help with this issue.

Thank you! :)
First, check that your fan(s) are working. If so, you'll need to get inside of it (I assume you already have, to do your mod), check your heatsinks and fans really good, make sure they don't resemble the ones in this picture
or anything close, clean them out if they do.
If you have to remove the heatsink/fan, remember to replace thermal compounds and although they say if you are careful, you can reuse the thermal pads, I have had no luck doing so and have found it to be less headache to simply replace those too.