Asus G72 no video


Oct 23, 2012
I have two asus g72's. one of them won't turn on at all unless I disconnect the bios batter and reconnect. then if I plug it in it turns on automatically and will not shut off unless I unplug it. It also doesn't have video on the screen but it does on an external monitor. The graphics card get's really hot to touch when it's on no matter what I do. Today I took the graphics card out and put it in my other, good G72 and it works just as it's supposed to in that unit so the problem must not be the graphics card at all. I also swapped screens with the good unit and that also works fine, so I assume the problem is in the motherboard. Does anyone know what exactly would be the problem?. Oh I've also swapped the power buttons too and they both work fine. I've also reflashed the bios with the latest version and that didn't change anything either. I've done all this testing with no battery only the power supply and also have removed the hard drive during all this.