Asus G73 blank screen in normal mode, works in safe mode, works via external monitor


Jan 16, 2016

I've got a problem with my G73 which is driving me nuts and would appreciate any advice.

The problem, - My son was playing on the PC, came and found me and said "i pressed shift & escape and the screen went blank" I think he was trying to use alt + tab and got confused.

1) rebooted PC, post screen ok, windows loading screen ok, screen then goes blank but start up noises are all there.
2) Rebooted into safe mode, boots into windows with no problem. (first thought's graphics driver has corrupted)
3) Uninstall graphics card, delete driver, delete nvidia software, download new fresh drivers.
4) Reboot machine, re-enable graphics card, install new drivers reboot. BUT as the machine reboots we are back to line 2 in terms of sypmtoms.
5)Plug laptop into an external display via HDMI, and the screen displays on the monitor but not on the laptop screen.
6) Decide to go for a reformat of hard drive and clean install of windows just in case there are old / corrupted drivers hanging about.
7) As soon as the nvidia drivers are applied we are back to the same symptoms seen at 2 (still works via external monitor)

The laptop screen is working (as seen by safe mode display)
The card & drivers are working as proved by the External monitor working.
Does anybody out there have any idea what an earth might be going on ?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Cheers Jamie

Have you tried doing a clean install of the graphics card driver? Please do try a clean install method, use the link below for the complete guide and tools you can use.

If these doesn't work try loading your laptop in low resolution mode and once in the desktop try adjusting the resolution of your laptop to where it would go to a black screen. It could be that the resolution of your laptop was set too high.
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