Jan 11, 2013
Hello, I have had this laptop for a while now, and am running into one of the many reoccurring issues that I seem to have.
The laptop randomly locks up. If sound is playing at the time, it will repeat the last few MS of the sound. There is no error message of any kind, or any warning signs that I can see.
Originally I thought that this was related to the GPU as I have had issues in the past, but I have installed the updated vbios and it now appears that they were unrelated to this. There is, so far as I can discern, no rhyme or reason to the crashes. It will do it for a few days every time I turn on the pc within a few minutes, then stop for a month, or week or days, and then just come back. The only possible thing I can think of is that there seems to be some kind of correlation between moving the laptop from one place to another, but I question it since I have taken it from school and back to the apt many times without it causing any issues. I have ran HWMonitor, and there seems to be no issues with heat. There had been some heat problems, but after a service it appears they are gone. I idle at ~50c for all of my CPU cores, and ~48c for my GPU. If anyone has any advice to give on this, I would really appreciate it. I have tried the fix with the sound drivers, and my GPU drivers are the latest version.


Oct 16, 2007
For this laptop, I believe you can't just have the latest videocard drivers...I have the same laptop with the 5870 videocard and I was limited to one or two drivers...and they had to be from the approved ASUS list, not AMD's. I tried as well to update to the latest video drivers and it caused all kinds of problems, so I had to roll back.


Dec 4, 2004
A couple things I might try... Do you have the latest chipset drivers? Have you tried Safe Mode...does the problem recur there? If you haven't already I would run a utility like CCleaner and have it scrub the registry, repeating until it says no further issues are found.