Asus G73jh charger isn't working properly.


Jun 7, 2014
Hi guys this is my first time asking something on here and i need a little help. I recently bought an Asus G73jh last year (second hand) because i'm 15 and cant afford a brand new one. Everything about it was fine and had no real problems with it until yesterday. I'm really into gaming and was playing a new game from steam called the forest when my laptop just shutdown after about 30 minutes of gameplay. I checked it out and it seem the charger blew (i was using a universal charger as the original was broken). I went to the shops yesterday and got another universal charger, i tried playing the game again and laptop shut off again after 2 minutes gameplay. Its odd because i was playing another game before that for about an hour. So left my laptop to charge over night and it is stuck on 90% not moving and before i switched it on the charger light was blinking. Also thought i would let you know i did have a virus a couple of days ago but managed to clear it, just hoping that has nothing to do with this. Thanks.