Asus G751 dh71 Laptop, How to disassemble and replace the non removable batteries?



I have recently purchased an Asus G751 dh71 ROG Laptop. Now I have a problem with the BIOS and need to reset it. To do this I must remove the inner non removable batteries so there is no power to the mother board at all.
I am shooting in the dark here because I have no idea how to remove the cover to gain access to the mother board to remove the cmos battery or to disconnect the internal batteries. I know this sounds simple but there is one screw that I can't find access to that is close to the center of the cover it is hidden and without removing that screw the cover will not come off. Every other screw has been removed but that one screw that is holding me up. I'm looking for help for this new machine that there is no information anywhere on the web on. It's just too new still. I think there is another laptop that is similar and will glean the problem solved but I don't know which laptop may be the same as this to lookup and get the information I need.
I hope someone has experience to help me find the answer.
They often hide one of the screws behind a sticker, so they can tell if the laptop has been disassembled by the user 9so they can void the warranty).