ASUS G752 stuck in Bios manager


Apr 6, 2014
So yesterday, my laptop worked normally. I turned it off and bac on this morning and it just loads the bios manager.

I've turned off Fast boot, secure boot, reseated Hard-drive, and did a hard reset. I'm at my wits end. Please help.

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that I suggested to others who had the same problem.
- Start by removing the HDD.
- Next is to boot your laptop without the HDD and see if it would get pass BIOS.
- If it does, that means it the HDD that is faulty.
- Put them back in and see if it would get stuck on BIOS or not.
- If it still get's stuck on BIOS without the HDD try reseating the CMOS battery of your laptop
- If the laptop is still under the factory warranty do contact ASUS for a repair.