Question Asus G771JW + external monitor problem with dp

Aug 10, 2020

I have this issue with my laptop and external monitor.

I have Asus G177JW laptop with optimus enabled.
Indegrated graphics card is intel HD4600 and dedicated nvidia geforce gtx 960m. Mini displayport goes to intel graphics card.

I bough monitor blackstorm 23.6 144hz and Im using mini dp(M) to Dp(M) cable as version 1.4.
Monitor and my laptop supports 1.2 version.

It took me many times to restarting laptop,monitor. Taking of cabels and putting them back and changing display settings to show only monitor 1(laptops one) and again to copy displays until many times I did it. I finally got it working on the monitor while my laptop display was off.
144hz worked well, I was playing valorant called game. Then next day I had to do whole thing again to get it working but now when I started the game valorant monitor went black screen but sounds work and in display settings it dedects monitor but dont show anything. Again did all the things and same happened.

After this next day in display settings it again dedects monitor but randomly it shows display on monitor sometimes but so laggy and with black and white lines goin trough the display and goes black screen again and again unclear display shows for couple of seconds and again the same black screen and so on.. sometimes it says no signal aswell.

I cant install latest drivers for intel somewhy.. prob asus blocked it and they dont update it anymore aswell.
Is there a way to manually install latest drivers, could it work?
Or whats the problem here.

We tried the monitor on my girlfriends laptop and it worked well trough dp.
My monitor works on my laptop well with hdmi. But I cant get full 144hz, only 120hz with that.

Any help here? thank you!
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