Asus HD Audio doesn't see analog connections


Brand New Logitech Z906 digital 5.1 speakers
Sound Drivers are latest versions on Asus website
Windows 10 only installed last Friday

I get speakers home, attach them to right connectors on back plate, HD Audio only shows digital connections. Restarted PC twice. I know they work as I am running them via an optical cable from PC to back of sub woofer (where connectors are). I reconnected speaker cable and HD Audio recognized I attached a sound device but never showed the speaker icon so that I could swap to them. Sound control panel never showed them either.

Last speakers to be connected to PC were using optical connection as I had been having problems getting rear speakers to work in 5.1 mode using analog cables. They then stopped working in digital also... I later worked out they were dying as they turned out to be cause of two months worth of slow starts. As soon as I unplugged them PC booted normally, with them attached and there was a good chance desktop wouldn't load.

The analog connections on back plate should work, they did a week ago. Before I reinstalled win 10 I had always used the analog cables.

Should I reinstall drivers? Or just use optical?

Motherboard Z97 pro wifi ac


I just ran the audio devices troubleshooter and it seems the audio device was disabled, I will try the analog cables now that the speakers do show in the sound control panel.

I know I disabled the realtek drivers for a few days, I don't remember disabling speakers at all.


If I plug the lime, Orange & Black cables into their respective connections on back plate I get sound from the front surrounds only. If I look in manual for my motherboard it also tells me to use those three connectors too for 5.1 speakers... so huh?

The Z5500 had a switch in controller that allowed 3 stereo channels, or 6 channel direct, I don't think Z906 has that feature. Not sure if that has anything to do with anything.

I currently have speakers attached digitally.
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