Question ASUS K401U motherboard with a burnt component

Aug 26, 2021
Hi guys, as stated in the title, I own a ASUS K401U laptop. Recently, while opening it up to clean the fans and tighten the lid hinges, my fat fingers dropped the screw onto the motherboard and created a spark... Upon inspection, I realised one of the component near 'J4601' was burnt and destroyed. I tried turning it on to a dark monitor and I immediately knew this was bad as it had happened to my LCD TV before - the screen backlight ain't working. The laptop works fine with an external monitor. Does anyone know how do I identify this part and where can I buy them?

P.S. I read a few posts in the forum and it could be a coil but I'm not really sure, please help out if anyone of you have knowledge of this. Thanks in advance! I am unable to share the photos through Dropbox thus sharing the link. (I will also unplug any power sources next round if I need to deal with any electronics components...)

Old thread link to another post: Motherboard Component.jpeg?dl=0 Motherboard Component Close-up.jpeg?dl=0
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