Question Asus K42jc can't boot successfully after overheating

Jul 6, 2020
my laptop used to shut down suddenly, i think it was because overheating, so i usually use cooling pad and it worked well.

until once i travelled and didn't bring my external fan. there was no symptomp of damage when i was using it except heat on hdd, worried about that, i checked the hdd temperature through speecy and it was quite normal according to some websites.

Next morning i turn the laptop and the screen just turn black, power indicator turned on. then I disassemble and clean the dust. It successfully turned on, windows loading screen appeared, then suddenly it turned off.

I turned it on to see if i can enter bios, i can't, there is only a single option to continue to boot from my hdd. and it suddenly turned of in the windows loading screen.

i disassembled it once more to make sure the cables are connected properly. Turned it on and this time, i use a cooling pad, yet found the same result.

well, i am far away home right now and seek your opinion about whats wrong about me and my asus A42j laptop
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