Question ASUS Laptop AC Adapter Not Working After Installing New Fan

Aug 10, 2022
Hello, everyone. I recently installed a new GPU fan in my Asus Tuf 505GT laptop. I made a rookie mistake and didn't unplug the battery before installing the fan, which could be what caused the problem. Now the laptop does not charge when it's plugged in, and the AC adapter does not provide power to the laptop. Let me give you a few details:

-The laptop boots up properly and the fan seems to work
-The laptop works when the battery is installed, whether it is plugged into the AC adapter or not
-The laptop does not work when the battery is uninstalled, but is plugged into the AC adapter
- The AC Adapter does not grant any power whatsoever to the laptop. It's like it's not even plugged in
-I bought a multimeter and tested the voltage of the AC adapter, battery, and power input wire (sorry I don't know the technical name, the thing which connects the power jack hole to the motherboard). All of them are at normal voltage. 20 for the AC adapter/motherboard connection, and 11 for the battery.

I don't know what to do now. I'm running on limited battery life since I can't charge it, and I can't power the laptop through the AC adapter. So any repair methods through the computer system itself would be running on limited time.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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