Question Asus laptop booting issue when battery is plugged in

Jun 10, 2019
Good day folks. I'm having a serious trouble with my laptop recently where it no longer boots when the battery is plugged in. But if I remove the battery and plug the AC adapter the laptop boots immediately just fine without even pressing the power button. It all started after a week I added a new drive for my Ubuntu installation. But I don't think the new drive is the issue here because I've tried removing that drive and left my windows drive alone but still wouldn't boot. I've tried several troubleshooting techniques online like removing the battery and leave it detached for a day, pressing the power button for minutes but to no avail. This is a new model (second hand) Asus X542ua. No warranty card when I bought it from someone.
Jun 10, 2019
Sounds like you need a new battery.
Damn. So it's possible for the battery to fail that unexpectedly and quickly? I mean this laptop is relatively new. The manufacturing date says July 2018.
Things I did before it happened:
-Deleted my current windows 10 home OS and installed Windows 10 pro. So I lost all the Asus specific softwares that were preinstalled
-Inserted new drive, (did not remove battery) installed Ubuntu on it. I have 2 drives now.

After a few days, I noticed that my laptop was taking to long to power on. I had to press the power button longer than usual in order for it to power on.

And after a week or so, it's dead.

If this is really just a battery issue, and I'm not buying a new battery anytime soon, is it safe for the device if I continue using it without the battery like forever, Sir?
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It could be the battery, depending on the usage prior to your purchasing it you wouldn't know how the original owner was with it. Additionally, if you leave it on most of the time, not powering totally off, that the battery will go faster.

As to running it without the battery, while you probably can (some devices won't run without a functioning battery) it isn't something I would do for any real length of time. Different devices react differently, and I don't think you want to cause any damage.

Just be sure, should you purchase a new battery, that you get an OEM one and not aftermarket. Aftermarket is OK for some things, but not those.
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