ASUS Laptop can't connect to wifi within range and with the correct password


Sep 11, 2016
My ASUS laptop has been working fine for months but today when I attempted to go online, it said there was no net connection. I restarted my router, tapped "forget" on the connection my phone had with my wifi and entered the passcode again, restarted my phone too in case it was showing me something wrong, and obviously restarted my laptop many times. My router is fone because my phone cant connect to ir and my passcode is correct, but my laptop won't connect to my wifi.

Everytime I enter my passcode, it says "can't connect to this network", and I tried disabling and enabling my wifi connection to my laptop but nothing is working :/
Try uninstalling your wireless drivers on the laptop and then let Windows reinstall them.

1. Go into "Control Panel" and then "Device Manager". (or use the Windows + R keys select "Device Manager" from the list.)
2. Next find your local network adapter in the list and right click on it.
3. Of the options listed choose "Uninstall".
4. If it prompts you to, check "Delete the driver software for this device" and then click "OK".
5. Once the driver has been uninstalled, reboot the computer. Yes without installing the driver yet.
6. When windows restarts it should automatically install a new driver.

If that doesn't do it try the following...

Try checking the channel setting on your router. Go into the routers "configuration" and then go to the "Wireless" option. In here look for an option which deals with "Channels".

If the router is set to "auto", you should usually see which channel your router is using.

Next you need to check the channel setting for your Laptop:

1. Go to "Control Planel" and then "Network and Sharing Center".
2. Click on "Change Adapter Settings".
3. Now right-click "WLAN device" and and then click "Properties".
4. Go to the "Networking" tab and click on "Configure".
5. Next click on the "Advanced" tab, go to "WZC IBSS Channel Number property" and look at the value/number it is using.
6. If this value/number is different than the one that your router is using, this can cause your laptop to not connect correctly.

You can look into switching to manual selection of channel on the router and then select an appropriate channel which is supported by both your router and your laptop.


Jan 28, 2018

Your first soln worked like charm...thx a ton
Jun 4, 2018

I had the same problem, and tried the different solutions, but what fixed it was connecting to my mobile phone's wifi hotspot and then trying to connect to the home wifi again and it worked!
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