ASUS Laptop can't start up when not plugged in

Sep 10, 2018
Hi, my ASUS K501UW Signature Edition has been having a problem lately where it fails to start up whenever it is not plugged in. It immediately shuts off while making a clicky or clinky sound.

When it is on already and I unplug it, after a while it turns off. When I try to turn it on, it makes it either to the ASUS logo, the black screen after the ASUS logo, or even the lock screen or desktop before shutting down completely.

I have my doubts that this is a battery issue, as it can remain on the startup menu or recovery options menu indefinitely.

Any help would be appreciated!
How many charge cycle on the battery?
What health? Current full-charge capacity vs Original designed capacity?
How old?
Original battery?
Notice any charging anomaly? Charges too fast/too slow?
Abnormal discharge rate, like 100% to 0 in 10 minutes?
Sep 10, 2018

Checking the battery report shows that there have been 120 cycles. I make sure to unplug the charger then I am not using the laptop.
I have had it for 1.5 years.
I am using the original built-in battery.
I haven't noticed any charging anomalies and the batter was at 87% when I unplugged it and 86% still when I had taken it out of my backpack, turned it on, and saw it shut down.
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