Asus laptop Screen works only when Plugged in

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Jun 25, 2017
My Asus laptop Screen works only when Plugged in and goes blank when running on battery.
In blank state, i can see the faint texts.
Please help, what might be the problem.


On many laptops you control the backlight level with a key combination usually involving holding down the special function key (Fn usually located on the bottom left of the keybd) and one of the F-keys, the one with a brightness up symbol is what you would be looking for.
Often the symbol looks like what is seen here on the F6 key
Apr 23, 2018

I tried this but the display still won’t work. My brightness is all the way up. I can see barely anything when it’s unplugged. Any other solutions?


Time for a new backlight usually. newer laptops have LEDs for a backlight that do not usually need replacement so for one with LED backlighting I would suggest having it serviced.

Older laptops used mini florescent tubes which often a user can replace themselves.

For further assistance. Please create your own support thread and include the make and model# from the label on the bottom (sometimes inside the battery compartment). Thank you.
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