ASUS Laptop seems to be have died


Aug 6, 2010
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I think my daughter fried her laptop by allowing it to overheat using it on a soft surface. It's an X202E, i3 CPU, 500 GB HDD, very compact, very portable unit. Really a great little laptop when it worked. It does generate a lot of heat and I should have made sure she was using it on a solid surface.

It has zero response when the power supply is plugged in--no LED's or anything. I've tested the PS with a multi-meter and voltage appears good. I pulled the back off the unit and found voltage to be good all the way to the battery connection. From googleing, I was concerned that the plug inside the unit had failed, but since I'm seeing voltage at the battery terminals with the battery disconnected, I now assume the plug it good. Next, I thought the battery had died, but I assume I'd get some response from the system with the battery disconnected and power plugged in. Nothing at all.

Pulled the hard drive to back it up--it's working fine.

I can't see anything like a blown cap that jumps out as the failed element.

Is there any other testing I can do to possibly find the fault on this unit?

As mentioned, I'm getting no response at all from the system when I connect power which surprised me. I expected that the power connected LED would at least light up.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
There are no caps on the X202E boards, as far as I know. It has many MOSFETS instead for regulating the electrical current. It's possible that one of those went out, or as you mentioned, that the system overheated. Solder joints can usually withstand quite a bit of heat, but they still suffer high temps.

The board may need replaced or reflowed (the latter is a potential fix, but it may not last if it works).

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