Asus Laptop Shuts Off Randomly After Boot; Screen Flashes Colors. Is My Motherboard Dead?


Apr 3, 2017
I recently gotten a second hand ASUS N56VB-S4050H laptop and it was working just fine for the first few days. Perfectly in fact. Here are the specs:

Cpu: Intel core i7 3630QM
GPS: GeForce GT 740m + Intel HD Graphics 4000
Ram: 4GB
HDD Space: 500GB
OS: Windows 10

Last night I was having some issues with it, when I leave it on for 10 minutes un attended it would hibernate itself despite bieng told not to do so in the power options; it was supposed to remain on. Naturally this was troubling so I shutdown the laptop for the rest of the night.

Then when I wanted to turn it on, it... Wouldn't. It'd remain at a black screen not even starting the bios. The only light that was on was the power button and the light bulb on the side. I tried the whole "remove all power and battery, hold the power button for 60 seconds" thing to no avail, and now even WIERDER things happen. It WILL NOT start when only running off the wall, but IT WILL when starting only in battery.

And even then it shuts off when trying to load windows. It'd get past the bios screen and when the windows logo appears I head a slight "poof" and everything turns off. Even when I get to the bios menu, colors will flash on the screen and it would shut off after. I can't even get to safe mode as a result! And in the rare case that windows DOES start up, and I can even get to my desktop it'd shut of in a few minutes inexplicably...

I only use my laptop on my desk so falling isn't a factor and it was working fine for a good 2 weeks. Please any help would be appreciated where I'm located there are no shops to repair pcs so I don't have that option

Thank you for reading and I hope any of you can help...


Apr 3, 2017

1. Do the whole cold reset trick
A. Turn off Laptop, take out battery hold the power down for 60 seconds (make sure it's 60 to be safe)
2. But then before turning it on place BOTH the battery AND the charger in THEN start it up.

Why this fixed the issue, I have no idea. In my search I found that ASUS has a lot of these battery and power problems and a lot of people have unorthodox ways of solving them. But soon after my laptop shut off and started the whole issue again. Atleast I made it to my desktop...

Once again if ANYONE can help I'd really appreciate it.
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