Asus Laptop won't turn on if connected to monitor

Jun 24, 2018
So a couple of days ago my Asus N56D laptop screen stopped working so I decided to open it to verify that all the connectors were in place and everything. I did so and when I closed it, it worked fine and the screen was not blank anymore! Yet, yesterday the laptop wouldn't start even if plugged. I opened it again and discover that it would turn on only if I unplug the monitor connector. It doesn't appear like the monitor connector is broken or like one of the pins is missing. I tried to clean the dust from the connector and laptop in general but nothing changed. I finally tried to change the RAMs to see if it did something but it did not change anything.
Summary: the laptop only turns on if it is not connected to its own monitor (keyboard lights turn on, processor and fan start working). If connected, it doesn't turn on at all (nothing happens that was said before happens)

Thank you for your time,
Then there is either a problem with the cable that connects it, the display itself, the GPU or the motherboard (possibly where the cable connects). You can either do the work yourself, testing them one at a time, or take it to a tech that can.
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