Asus N550JK Awful Audio Stuttering


Oct 14, 2014
I recently bought myself a new laptop, an Asus N550JK. I'm having a problem with playing audio on it though. After about 20 seconds the audio starts to stutter, badly. It becomes constant every half second or so, the audio just cutting out.

If I pause it then start it up again after a bit, it'll be okay for another 15-20 seconds start again.

I've tried everything I can think of, updating the drivers, playing around with the power settings. I'm not sure where to go from here, this is a brand new laptop that should be able to easily handle this audio, it's incredibly frustrating.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Has this been happening from the start? It's possible you just had bad luck and got a laptop with damaged/defective speakers. Happens from time to time. If it's new, you should still have some sort of warranty on it and it'll probably be easiest to have ASUS repair/replace the unit.


Nov 12, 2009
Hey there Davieid!

I know this answer comes a little late but I've had the same problems since I bought this same model 6 months ago. I found a solution that worked for me. First I updated my display driver(intel) using the latest driver from the asus driver page for our model. Then I uninstalled and re-installed the realtek drivers also using the asus pages latest driver. I also upgraded my wireless and Bluetooth drivers because they were available. Last and certainly not least I upgraded my bios to the latest build which at the time of this posting is 208. Unzip this file to an easily located place to find it since you will have to search manually for the file when you use Asus EasyFlash.

Asus EasyFlash is a built in utility that can be accessed by pressing F2 during boot and then selecting "Start EasyFlash".

You will see a list of different available directories that wont be labeled C:, D:, or any regular listing. Just look through each of them until you find your file which will be named something like "N550JKAS208". EasyFlash will wipe the flash and then install the update. Your computer will Shutdown instead of Restarting. When you boot up the screen will flash a couple times before You see the Asus logo and when you are all done booting up you will be free of that horrible stutter. I also suggest going into your audio properties and disabling all of the enhancements. Audio on this laptop just sounds better without them.

I sure hope this helps you and anyone else that may be suffering from this.