ASUS Notebook Won't Charge Past ~75%


Sep 30, 2014
A week or two, I noticed that my notebook seemed to be taking much longer to charge. I could turn it off, plug it in, and come home a few hours later with the orange charging light STILL on. It felt like it was always charging. I did some data-gathering today and realized that it's not often moving past the high seventies. For example, it had been at 75% while plugged in for over an hour. When I unplugged it for a few minutes and then redid it, the highest it got is to 77% (and it's been that way for maybe 30 minutes now). Also, in the past few weeks, it has suddenly died on me with no or very little prompting, sometimes when there's 20, 30% battery left (which is, as you can imagine, rather frustrating ang worry-inducing). Sometimes it'd get to its target critical area, warn me to plug it in... and then die less than a minute later when I'm getting the chord.
Is this possibly a battery calibration thing? I've only had this computer since last December, and prior to the last few weeks, I'd had no problems with the battery and had used it normally. Any suggestions on what to do? :(