Asus Q550 - Taking apart the screen


Oct 9, 2015
My Asus Q550 has developed a screen flicker. Troubleshooting indicates that the problem is with the screen cable, and somewhere inside the screen itself. The only thing holding the screen together seems to be a very strong adhesive, and I am afraid of shattering the glass by trying to pry it apart. Any tips?


Jan 18, 2009
Look near the corners for small square or circle sticker or rubber pads and pull them off, they are usually covering a screw. Once those screws are out, grab the edges of the plastic bezel where it meets the LCD and gently pry up with both hands. You should hear snapping sounds as the clips pop out and separate. Work your way around until it's free. then you should see at least 1 screw at each corner or screws holding metal pieces secured to the sides of the LCD holding it in place.
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