Asus R700VJ - Laptop won't power up, no display on screen


Jan 8, 2014
For no apparent reason my Asus R700VJ just would not power on normally, boot-up.....
At startup, the HD light comes on for 3 sec then stops / nothing.
I can't hear the fan and nothing is displayed on screen.
What I did notice was it was running hot, on the side of the video card.
I let it cool down and retried, nothing.
What it could be at this point :
-Power Supply died.
-CPU fried
-Nvidia video card died.
-Ram went bad.
-Hard-drive died.

Since no display is appearing on the laptops's monitor, I tried to connect to an external display via HDMI, nothing either.

Graphics adapter : NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M

Here's what I've tried :
1. First unplug and take out the battery. Press the power key for ten seconds then plug in power adapter and try turning it on
2. then unplug again, and reseat the RAM. Then plug in and try turning on again.
3. then unplug again, and locate the CMOS battery in your laptop. Unplug the CMOS battery carefully and wait for 2 minutes before plugging it back in. Then plug power and try turning it on.
4. Reseat the hard-drive,
5. This laptop has 2 internal HDD slots, change the HDD from one to the other, nothing more.
6. Today I will just test using another hard-drive to see if I can at least see the boot process or HDD detection or access to Bios.

If the Laptop is no longer on warranty and it's a major part that failed, what you recommend ?
If it's the GPU, can the Nvidia video card be replaced ?
Is it worth the investment of repairs @ GeekSquad ?


I appreciate any leads and your assistance.



Apr 4, 2017
If RAM went bad your caps lock will blink repeatedly and you will hear a beep noise, if HDD went bad then you would e notified during boot and you would be able to access the BIOS and boot from USBs and CDs. If GPU went bad then you would boot with intergrated graphics. It is either CPU or simple static power residue in your main board.
Try these steps:
1)Unplug AC and hold power button for 30 seconds
2)Unplug battery and hold power button for 30 seconds
3)put the battery back and hold power button for 30 seconds
4)Remove the battery and put the AC and hold power button for 30 seconds
5)plug the AC and the battery and hold power button for 30 seconds
It also helps to hold the laptop upside-down.
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