Question Asus ROG 120 Second boot time

Oct 22, 2020
I have a Asus ROG G551JW, I bought it 4 years ago and it always had a pretty fast boot time (it came with an mSata SSD). One day, a friend of mine spilled soda on top of it and the motherboard died, so we went to the local store and replaced it. The sad part was that the SSD died, so I only had the HDD to use.

(I'm really not sure about the timespan in the next part, sorry haha) Some months later, I started getting REALLY LONG boot times, no, really. 120 seconds to boot! At that time, I didn't use my laptop outside of my house, so I really didn't care about it.

Now I'm back to school and I always take my laptop with me, so, having 2 whole minutes for my computer to boot in 45 minute classes is a real bummer.
I thought that the HDD might have got damaged with the soda or something, so 2 days ago I added a 120GB Kingston A400 SSD to my laptop using the caddy method. I installed windows on the SSD, formatted the HDD andddd.. Nope, still at 120 seconds.

Wait! It gets weirder.
It's not 118 seconds, 128 or 115. It's. Exactly. 120. Seconds.

Sometimes 119.9, other times 120.1. But it's never lower or bigger than that.

If someone knows what this might be, please help me. I'm out of ideas, thank you.

NOTE: This only happens from a cold boot. If I restart the computer it has a "genuine" boot time. (around 10 seconds if I'm not mistaken).