Question [ASUS ROG G752VS] Hardware problem, USB 2.0 & keyboard stop working

Oct 24, 2019
Hello community,

I had one of my most enjoyable awakenings as an independent developer this morning. After turning off my ROG G752VS the day before the "hard way" (because of keyboard and mouse didn't respond anymore), I was surprised to see this morning that half of the PC devices were no longer working.
Which explains the problem of the day before.

Model : Asus ROG G752VS
Only available OS : Antergos (updated)

The devices that are out of order are:
  • the keyboard
  • all USB ports if the connected devices are not USB 3.0 (important for the future)
  • Bluetooth
As a result, it is impossible to use a keyboard / mouse even in USB. I have no access to BIOS, GRUB or USB boot. I was blocked on my Arch Gnome's login screen, powerless in front of the input that was waiting for my password.

However (and by chance), remains functional:
  • the touch pad
  • all USB ports using USB 3.0 peripherals (hard drives, USB sticks)
  • jack
  • Thunderbolt port (which, with the USB station purchased this morning, is currently saving my day)
  • screen, processor, RAM, hard disks, CPU, GPU, etc. As I was saying, I can boot under an OS without any problem
NB: One of the USB ports has always worked only in USB 3.0, for some reason I don't know.
NB2 : Thunderbolt doesn't work at boot time, only when an OS is loaded :'(

I haven't tested the HDMI port, Ethernet port, SD card and all the audio jacks.

1. One of my priorities right now is to be able to navigate on the BIOS / GRUB / Refind, because I have no way to boot on a USB stick. Do you have any idea how to achieve this under this configuration?

2. As the warranty is no longer valid, I would like to replace the defective component myself. But that's where I'm blocking.
I assume (and I emphasize the term "assume") that only one component (probably located on the motherboard) should come into play. But how to identify which one?
Do you have any idea what component could involve these devices (USB2 / keyboard / Bluetooth)? But above all, if it is purchasable and replaceable, without having to change the entire motherboard?

3. Can continuing to use the PC despite this malfunction pose risks?

Thank you for your support

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