ASUS ROG GL552V screen broke for no reason.


Nov 26, 2016
So I got an Asus ROG GL552V about 2 weeks ago, and overnight the top of the screen just broke. First it started out as a thin line going straight down the screen with a crack at the top, but a few minutes after I turned it on the whole screen just had a seizure. Gray with a few coloured lines going through it. This makes no sense since no one else was in my room and it was underneath my bed. I do have a warranty, but I want to know what will happen. Will it cost money to bring it in? How long will I have to wait? Those kind of things.

Check your purchase details and contact the retailer. Or go to ASUS's web page and click Support>Consumer, Online RMA. For information about shipping, click one of the options under Contact Us (e-mail or phone) and ask them.

Best of luck,