Review Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate review

Mar 10, 2021
  • Bulky and heavy

well every phone is getting heavy so you need to accept that as refered to "new tech of today daily routine" stacking up all that stuff + 6000mha if fair good enough
  • Poor camera performance

welp they stack up everything in power and since gamer's aren"t photographer's fan it will do it's job and rog mean well to long to write you know its means for gamers
so photo should'n be the interest point here it gives enough good photo's so it's not a probleme
anything other great review
Mar 14, 2021
I gotta say if you had the s21 ultra just from your review, i havent had the rog phone yet, but the s21 is not a superior phone in anything but the camera and its not that great. The s21 is worse than the s20 ultra in every way, and the rog phone 5 would beat the s20. The camera is worse, the speakera are worse, the screen changes refresh rates randomly, it overheats just using its camera lol so really u cant even say its better there.

The s21 is so bad that after playing runescape for 10 mins it is so hot it burns my hands, lowers the fps to 10 to 15, and barely works. The s20 ultra i have runs it for 60 mins before it slows down to 20 fps, and never burns. Also you forgot to add stability test, which is the only important number, it does not matter if the i garbage gets 7000 on the wild life test for 30 seconds lol. The s21 is right there with the i garbage, they both have a stability score of under 50 percent. The s21 being so bad it drops down to 845 snap dragon levels after 10 mins. The iphone drops down to snap dragon levels after like a few mins.

The s21 isnt compareable to any of these phones, it litterally is worse than a note 10 minus the camera and 120hz, but since applesung added that it randomly changes the refresh rate, and most games are 60fps it doesnt even matter. The note 10 will get better fps than the s21 after 10 mins. The s21 is such a garbage phone i am honestly surpised samsung isnt ashamed of it.
Though from the standpoint of profit they would be, since they made a cheaper worse phone than last gen, but sold it for almost the same price.
Comparing the s21 to the 5 ulitmate its no conatest the 5 would win, minus marketing.