Asus s46 Unable To Install Windows On Hard Drive

Hamza Amin

May 29, 2014
Recently my windows(windows 8.1) got really slow and I thought of doing a windows reset. After the reset I was unable to boot into windows and every time got into the bios. The asus logo with the spinning wheel never came up. I hadn't made any recovery disks(I know I should have, will never repeat this mistake again ) plus I wasn't able to access the automatic repair option through shift+f8. I decided to install windows again. During the installation menu It gave me a error saying that my partition style was gpt and I had to convert it into mbr. I let the installer delete up the partitions and make new compatible ones. After that it started showing me the error "Can't install windows on this drive. It may fail". As I had my exam the day after tomorrow i decided to install it on the 24gb ssd that came for caching purposes in the laptop. At least for now the windows works fine but inside the windows I keep getting the error that my hard drive may fail anytime.

My questions are:
1. If the drive is really failing, is there a way that I can prevent it to effect my windows installed on the ssd. I know that the windows installer installed some boot files on the hdd even though i made the installation on the ssd. I didn't want to void the warranty so I didn't remove the hard disk.

2. Couple of people had the same problem and all they did was run the diskpart commands of clean and format and their hdds got back to normal. I'm willing to try that but the format command takes up to 8-9 hours to format my 500gb hdd. I don't have the time during my exams to let my laptop stay idle for that amount of time. Is there another way to try and fix the hdd?

3. My laptop's still under warranty will ASUS exchange my hdd for free?

4. I couldn't find any un-cracked windows 8 installation disk and I'm not willing to buy one as I already paid for the oem key that came with this laptop. Is there any source from which I can download an un-cracked but free iso?

5. I'm worried that is there a way that my oem key got deleted, it's in the bios so it never should get deleted right?

6. Lastly after the install my fan continuously runs, why is that? Why has the new install effected the fan? I've seen that there was a bios update that fixed it for most people but my laptop's fan worked just fine before the new windows installation so why did it get effected now?
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