Asus Strix Pro vs Steeseries Siberia v3


Aug 10, 2014
the topic says it all, which one should i buy?

Please if someone have this headsets tell me your personal experience.

I'll use this specially for CS:GO, also the microphone is kinda important



"The Siberia V3 does have a clear weakness in its microphone. SteelSeries goes with a retractable mic design that sits slightly in the leftfield compared to its competitors. The advantage is in the neatness of its design—just push it back into its hole when you’re not using it, or tap the side of your left earcup to mute it.

The inevitable disadvantage is that by default it’s extremely quiet, so you’ll need to use that SteelSeries Engine software or your OS settings to boost the mic gain if you want people to hear how totally serious you are when you tell freshspawns to hold it right there and take off their shirts in DayZ. However, boosting the signal means you’re also amplifying all the background sounds around you, and the dirty part of the audio signal coming from the electret mic, which the hard-wired noise gate can’t always filter out. In short: you’ll be heard just fine after some tinkering, you just won’t be broadcasting in crystalline tones."



"Likewise noise in the rest of the room is almost non existent. Even when I clicked my fingers right behind the microphone it is barely audible. Full marks for ASUS for this feature.
The downside to noise cancelling is that unless you have the mic jammed right next to your mouth and speak clearly, you can sound quite far away and robotic. It’s something you can work around and is perhaps why the mic is quite rigid, so once you have found the best place for it it stays there. Just don’t expect to be using it at a distance, like you can with some headsets."

*So both appear SIMILAR in that there is amplification to the microphone (which is optional but necessary?) but the ASUS appears to have better NOISE CANCELLATION thus eliminating most background noise.

I believe by "robotic" that means the noise cancellation is also cancelling out some of the speech noise as well so less background noise but not as vibrant of speech.

I'm guessing the ASUS solution is preferable as you want clear voice commands but aren't recording a song.