Solved! ASUS - Touchscreen separating from back cover

Oct 15, 2018
I purchased this ASUS Q550LF-BSI7T21 around 2 years ago, secondhand, from a co-worker.

I keep it on my at home desk, opened and can't remember the last time I actually closed it.

Today, I closed it to bring it to work. There was a cracking sound. I look at the laptop and the bottom part, that houses the keyboard, is pretty severely misaligned with the lid. I immediately opened it back up, there was another sort of muffled popping sound. I turned it on and the display itself isn't cracked and the touch works like normal. That's when I noticed that the screen(left side from the hinge to the tip top and a bit over to the right hinge) had popped out of the back cover. It looks like the screen is about ready to pop out completely.

I haven't closed the lid again since for fear of further damage.

Images of the separation:

My questions are:
1. Will this require a full screen replacement?

1a. If not, Would this be something that I can fix myself?

1b. If so, how much would something like that cost?

2. What would have caused this issue?

Please, help me & perhaps suggest a solution for my problem.

Thanks in advance!


Not a full screen replacement but from the way you've stylized the post, I'm sure the hinge on your laptop are worn out. From the image you posted, the adhesive holding the two parts of the screen seem to have lost their ability to hold things together. Different screens go on in different manner, which is possible to say that it might not be adhesive holding the screen together but with clips or screws.

If it's adhesive, extreme heat could cause the glue to wear away. If it's plastic, it might've also been affected by heat. If it's screws, the plastic shell surrounding the screws threading, have become brittle due to heat.

Regarding cost, i can't say for sure since I'd need to disassemble the laptop and study the extent of the damage. I'm not located in the USA mind you. You might be able to drop it off at a certified laptop repair center and see if they can repair it for you.

Perhaps this thread could help.
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