Discussion Asus TUF GAMING A17 Laptop Display not working shows image on screen with flash light (malfunctioned during a standard internal cleaning)

Aug 20, 2022
Good day all,

So i was cleaning my relatively new Asus TUF GAMING A17 Laptop proc: AMD Ryzen 5 4600H with Radeon Graphics 3.00 GHz Ram: 8.00 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor OS: Windows 11 Home V. 21H2 Build: 22000.856
Graphics : Dual Setup with Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1650 driver version 512.95 with AMD RYZEN 5 4600H PROC as the secondary graphics in the dual setup with the RADEON GRAPHICS. I am very experienced in computer tech for the most part and im thinking i need a new cable but i am just wanting the communities opinion. IDK if i might also need to replace the screen as i havent ran into this issue before in my experience. So i unplugged the laptop and i procceded to remove the screws from the back i removed the back cover and then I used canned air to blow the visible dust off of the surface of the visible motherboard and components. I then proceeded to remove the screws from the battery as i was also installing a ssd sata style drive in the empty bay in the laptop. i had to beable to move the battery to get the cable for the drive to position correctly. i can aired the dust out from under the battery not much dust as the laptop is only 6 months old. and then i hooked up the drive and i screwed the battery back down i did not unhook the battery maybe i should have. i wasnt wearing my strap but i did ground myself out before i did anything involving touching anything near the motherboard. i then procceded to unhook and clean my fans i did not do a complete teardown i mainly just needed to clean the fans and the radiator coils for the intakes that were getting clogged with dust. to unhook one of the fans you have to unplug the display cable i gently using my small flathead flipped the connector hinge up and slid the ribbon connector male out of the female connector and moved it to the side i did not pull or tug on it at all. I then put everything back together. turned the laptop on and no screen but had power backlights on keyboard. I turned it off went back in unplugged and reset the cable connection thinking that i might had it not aligned correctly just a hair off or something and still no luck. i plugged in a external display and got a image that is what im using now. The internal display shows a color image on the display if i shine my flashlight on it. I have not tried reinstalling drivers yet i am about to try that. i have tried the windows button combo to reset the drivers checked the hinges and cable positioning taken the whole thing apart as far as the screen and hinges off the base of the laptop out the screen case bezel inspected it plugged the connection to the display on the display side back in to make sure it was seated properly put it all back still nothing. SO if the driver reinstallation doesnt work what do you all think NEW DISPLAY CABLE OR NEW DISPLAY? What will i need to get?
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