Question ASUS U36JC Max RAM: 16 GB

Nov 20, 2019
I found a thread here in Tom's Guide that says the max ram size for the ASUS U36JC laptop is 8 GB. That is also the amount I got from ASUS tech support.

I was not fully convinced, as the processor used can take up to 16 GB. I was told that it would be depending on the motherboard, etc - the design.

So here I am, running dual boot on this machine, and in Ubuntu 19.10, 16 GB RAM is accepted. But Windows 10 won't even boot.

Nonetheless, I have proven that the ASUS U36JC laptop can take up to 16 GB of RAM size. It is just for Windows 10 to make it run. But Ubuntu 19.10 can take it.
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