News Asus Vivobook 13 Slate is 'world’s first' OLED detachable 2-in-1 laptop — and it’s just $599

Nov 28, 2021
Nice, can't wait for the review if not done or out yet. Can you see how well it handles GameCube emulation please?

Saw Dave2D overview of it yesterday comparing it to the Pro 8 but knew it competes more with the Go 3. He states it runs well while others say it runs like ass during basic tasks.
Like to see what the mid and higher spec models cost since I want atleast a 8/128GB RAM/SSD model.

Was looking to get a i3 based Go 3 with a cheaper KB and pen to compliment my 10750h/2060 laptop with limited battery life.
Planning on doing light graphical editing, game console emulation up to GameCube, and some retro PC gaming when I don't want to pull out my laptop from my bag.

Liked to see the separate cord on that power brick.
Also it would've been great if it had video in to use as a 2nd monitor.