Solved! Asus VivoBook X510UAR Memory Upgrade Preparation

I looked also. Saw lots of ASUS service manuals but not one for this machine. Here's what to watch out for:
  • Read about ESD (static) precautions. Lots of machines are opened up and then don't work again. I see that a lot.
  • As you take out screws, look for any that are different in length and put them back in the same spot. This is rare but happens.
  • Don't touch anything inside unless you have to. Handle the RAM card by the edges only.
  • If you are lucky, your machine will have a small access cover that lets you change RAM without removing the read cover.
  • You will likely need to pry apart the rear cover when all the screw are out. Some screws are usually behind rubber bumpers or labels. Pry gently or you will break things.
  • You shouldn't need to disconnect any wires, but if need be, do so very carefully. Often, the connectors have some sort of locking mechanism.
I would look for the service manual for this laptop. Usually they can be found on line. Follow what it says and you should be fine. Let us know if you can't find a manual.

Don't put much faith in the "experts" that post youtube videos on how to work on a laptop. They are often flawed.


Feb 12, 2017
Thank you for your quick response! I have downloaded the user manual. Is that different from the service manual? And my question is pretty basic. I am fairly certain of how to open the cover, I am trying to avoid ESD and other collateral damage I might unintentionally cause.
I should have added the "poor man's ESD precaution. Spread out some aluminum foil and lay the computer and RAM card on it. When the back cover is off, touch the foil with one hand and some metal part in the laptop with the other. Do this every once in a while. Sit still in your chair.
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