Asus Vulcan ANC ROG help


Mar 12, 2012
hello guys, i purchased Asus Vulcan model headset today, when i plug it in my onboard sound of Asrock Extreme 870 mobo, and started skyrim to check, sound quality is good but sound is less. system and head phone volume is max but the sound seems to be too low. Am i in a bottleneck of a pro gaming headset and a sound card. I need suggestions to get the max out of this headset, please help, dreams are shattering.
1. Should i purchase a dedicated sound card, will Asus Xonar DS helps to amp my headset? or a DX?
2. Or should i clean my ears :p
thanks in advance.
Depending on the MODEL of the computer, you have not adjusted the controls properly.
NO you do not need a soundcard.
Click the speaker icon in the lower right hand of the desktop, or double click to view the AUDIO MIXER.
Bring up the audio software, and CHECK all the settings.