Asus X441S -WX049D Windows 10 64bit Too Much Slow

Mar 9, 2018
I'm a big fan of Asus. So I bought a laptop from the ASUS X441S model. But after this moment I lost confidence in Asus. Because when I did it, it was given 10-64 bits. Since then, when I open it would have been open from 5/6 minutes to open. In order to open or open any browser, the CP and 100% would have been done. And slow or occasionally hangs, but each application was 64 bit and updated version. Adobe would open any software open after 5/7 minutes. Media player and the same problem. KMP, 5K, the Pot player, they were hanging most of the time, sometimes it was too late, the video would have been stuck. There is no work that can be done. I lost my confidence in Asus. This brand is ruining my belief. My second friend Asus's Core i Three, Core i7, they also face the same problem but less than I have. What is the reason for this? But before me, ASUS's laptop was Dual Core 2.16 GHz, the RAM was 2 GB but I increased it to 2 GB, but there was no problem in it. It was very easy to set up the hard software set up. XP, Vista, Windows 7/32/64 bit Windows 8, 10-264/64 bit did not make any problems. As it is 3/4 years old, sell it and update it (ASUS X441S). But the problem is so much that it has become a cause of annoyance and headache. Asus's name or if you want a suggestion or a suggestion, I am afraid to buy this name or this product, if my friend and my friend are more familiar, they have a user, if they are in their condition, then they just think that they will not be lenient, but Asus's broker Do not assert as to the identity of the society.
Hopefully the ASUS authorities will help us solve this problem. And always will be desperate to bring back Asus's lost or lost honor / careers. I and everyone like me can be Asus family. We are the Good Wisher of Asus Hope to improve.
Asus wants to be a faithful family, and Asus and as well as the needs of the common people and the needs of the common people, as well as the needs of the middle class, and the downtrodden family can be the family of Asus and help to fulfill everyone's potential.
Hopefully your organization Asus authorities will solve the problems of everyone like me and me and will make suggestions. So that we can get rid of it soon.
Let us know whether this model's notebook, or what kind of software and software will work well, let's get a link.
Thank you
Asus Supported Team, Asus Software, Technology Team
And Asus Help Care Everyone
And I want to be Johnny Khondokar (to be a member of Asus family) from Bangladesh.
I believe this product was achieved. It will be hard to refuse to repel what is not wasted or troubled.
I want to go all the way to Asus' success.
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Bottom line, you bought a severely underpowered "laptop"
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Jul 22, 2018
I have an asus went from windows 7 to 10 an now i cant watch movies or play games cause it lags really bad. I think its windows 1o.
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