Jan 8, 2022
My grandma's Asus X501's screen is simply not on. You can hear the computer working, lights flickering, but the display is plain black. It happens once a while. Any tips?

Also, a another issue: the laptop cant connect to the internet sometimes. My computer connects, while her's is not. We have tried troubleshooting, restarting, many tips online and nothing. Also any tips? Thank you.
Regarding the display, have you tried an external monitor to see if that works? You will have to select an external monitor which is usually assigned to some function key. Also try shining a flashlight at an angle across the display and see if you can see faint text. How often does this happen? Does it happen at startup or later. If you can see faint text, that tells me the backlight is broken.

You say you can't connect to the internet sometimes. Is the signal strength good where you are? Since it is intermittent, it makes me think you have a signal strength issue.

Let us know what you find out.