asus x502c water spill


Allow the laptop to dry before using it again. Otherwise the water may cause a short circuit and permanently damage your laptop.

How long depends on how much water has been spilled. If it is a tiny bit of water (less than a tea spoon) then maybe wait at least 2 days. If it was a lot of water then you are talking at least one week.

Open the screen as if you are going to use the laptop. Then stand the laptop on it's side to allow the water to drain out.


Well then the laptop suffered some type of water damage.

It is difficult to determine what the actual problem is. You might need to simply disassemble the laptop enough to disconnect the keyboard, then plug it back in. You may need to replace the keyboard with a new one. The problem could also be elsewhere so even replacing the keyboard will not solve the problem. In that case you need to bring it into a repair shop and hopefully they can track down the problem and fix it.


Your best bet now is to replace the keyboard (which might be the issue) or simply bring it to a repair shop and have them examine the laptop. Ask for an estimate 1st to determine the laptop is worth the cost of repair.

The worse case scenario would be if he motherboard will need to be replaced (plus the cost of labor). That can significantly increase the cost since the motherboard can be pretty expensive depending on the laptop make and model. Some motherboards could be relatively inexpensive at $100, but others can be over $200 especially if it has a dedicated graphics chip.


Jul 25, 2016
I have an ASUS UX305 and just spilled water over the keyboard. I immediately picked it up and turned it upside down in the hope of minimizing any water damage. At this point it was still working and I decided to turn it off after 3 Minutes to remove individual keys and clean up remaing moisture underneath them. After I was done I tried to turn the notebook back on, and the little white control light on the off/on button lit up, but then disappeared without turning the computer on, so I won't turn on normally. Before the spill, I had very little battery left (about an hour or a little bit less). Could it just be that the battery is dead? I don't want to plug it in to avoid any potential damage from electricity and the remaining water. I'm letting it dry open on its side as you suggested. I also read about the accidental damage protection, and I bought the notebook in the US through in February 2016, so the protection plan should apply. Would it be recommendable to simply take advantage of this protection by filing a claim and sending the laptop back to ASUS?



How long did you wait to turn it back on? If it was too soon, you could have caused more damage to it by not letting it dry out. If you have accident protection, use that and replace it.
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