Asus X53E not charging. Charger plugin get heated.


Nov 15, 2014
So one day my Asus X53E laptop stopped charging. It can only charge when i stick the charger hard in the plugin also the I can smell a burning smell. Could anyone help me please?


May 5, 2014
Is the smell coming from the plug at the wall ? If so I would shut down the circuit breaker for that room, and replace the plug. It is easy . Go to a hardware store. get a replacement plug. After you shut down the circuit breaker for that room, test the plug to make sure it has no juice , use a lamp or somthing like that. then unscrew the plug. you will see a white wire connected (neutral) and either a red or black (hot) . Just replace as it was, if there are multiple white, or multiple red or black just remember how it is connected and replace.. if your not sure then get someone who dose remodeling, or general contracting to help you, or you could call an electrician

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Mar 13, 2015
I had the same problem! Found out the motherbord sas fried. I had just purchased a new chaerger. The laptop turned on while plugged in then turned off... woukdnt turn back on, had that burning smell coming from the la.ptop ... the batt charger plug in to be exact. Took it in where i bought the charrger and was told i fried motherboard and this had nothing to do with the new charger tho i have my suspicions. What happened with yours?
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