Asus X550iu switchable graphic problem

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Dec 3, 2014
So my brother recently got an Asus X550iu with amd Rx460 (4gb) gpu and r7 (1gb) integrated gpu, but many games just detecting the 1gb integrated gpu for example watch dogs 2 (yeah not a good title for amd, only got like 15-20 fps with lowest setting), but this also happened on rome 2 total war, which also only detect 1gb of vram. can i somehow disable this switchable graphic nonsense altogether and just forcing the notebook to use the rx 460 card?


Jul 11, 2017
Speaking of detection, it's true the game will ONLY notice the R7 graphics since the RX 460 is more like an add-on graphic cards and NOT the switchable graphic card which turns on when certain apps (or games) activate it.

But since you have an issue of low fps, you can follow these steps:
(Make sure you have the NET 3.5, all VC Redist and DirectX installed before)

1. Clean uninstall all AMD drivers (download the tool here:
2. Download the Radeon Software (link:
3. Choose Manually Select Your Driver -> APU (Accelerated Processors) -> Mobile APU (Accelerated Processors) -> FXtm 9830P APU -> Select your OS -> Display Results
4. Download the Radeon software (current driver at time of this answer, release date: 5/4/2017, Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.4)
5. Install the Radeon Software
6. Just follow the installation procedure, next, next .. wait for installation to finish
7. Restart computer

It works for me, and my X550IU works flawlessly on both gaming and usual computing.



-Right click on the desktop, then click AMD Radeon Settings from the menu.

-In the AMD window click on Preferences which is at the bottom of the window, then click on Radeon Additional Settings which will open another AMD window.

-There should be a tab in the left column of the window which states "Switchable Graphic Global Settings" which applies to all programs. Select Maximum Performance which should force the laptop to use the dedicated GPU.

-There is also a tab called "Switchable Graphics Application Settings" which you can set GPU performance for specific programs.

-Don't forget to click the Apply button.

Hopefully, this will solve your problem 'cuz that's all I know.
Nov 16, 2017

OKAY so i figured it out!
SO some ppl said that asus X550IU used FX-9830 that told as a bad cpu, But its not
actualy it's not the graphic card or even cpu problem or even RAM.
IT WAS.......... Disk
so the reason i call it Worst asus gaming becuse it only gave u sata2 that provide 3gbps transfer rate
in nowdays we all use sata3 that provide 6gbps thats why i said this is a Worst product
even u tried install ssd it wont help much so i recomended to sell the laptop before price gone down.

ouu yea. watchdogs recomend 5gbps speed of disk and even GTA5. Mostly open world games will slow loading texture like GTA5 when u drive fast in city.

Mar 20, 2018

Hmmm... that's odd.. I have an ASUS FX550i too but I can run GTA V in about 50fps on high graphics. just having a little trouble in rendering speed when you travel so fast with a vehicle.
I play Nier automata too in Medium settings and I get 45fps at least too. it hits 60fps for quite a long time when in low set.
It runs The Witcher 3 in Medium settings too for 35fps+.

BTW Nier Automata is on the SSD, maybe that's why it runs quite smoothly.
Mar 27, 2018

i have the same laptop as yours... but how can you able to play gta 5 on high settings with 50fps?? can you give your settings? in game and in the laptop? plsss
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