ASUS x55c boots only to BIOS


May 23, 2008
ASUS x55c laptop, originally had windows 8 , windows 7 was installed over a year ago and had worked fine.
I recently had to run some maintenance cleaning(adwcleaner) as it had picked up some things that were slowing it down immensely and probably causing some of the boot issues( i thought, this is my daughters machine and she is visiting) all went well, but still issues including some really long black screens before it booted.
I got into BIOS and changed the boot order so that i could boot UBCD, i saw several posts elsewhere that indicated that boor issue can be caused by CMS and disabled it.
From hat point on, when i save an restart, it just boots right back into BIOS.
Turn it off for a few hours, now its not booting at all.=, which happened before as well, two lights appear with a black screen.

hard power down ( sometime several times)and its back to the BIOS set up screen:
American Megatrends
Version 404
GOP version
EC version 204E120001
Bottom of the BIOS screen reads:
Version 2.15.1226. Copy write 2012 American Megatrends. inc.
here is the issue now, i cannot see or change the boot order, now matter what i change and save or when i save and exit, it turns off, restarts and goes right back to the BIOS screen.
Is this hosed?
this unit has something called "easy Flash" I have located and downloaded the latest BIOS for this unit, should i attempt this using easy flash?
any other ideas?


May 23, 2008
Well, as it is it will no longer even boot to BIOS, power button result is three green lights with zero activity form the HDD light, screen remains off.
What is strange is that power button will no turn off the three lights, if i unplug it, take out the battery and the reinstall the battery and plug it back in, then only the battery light illuminates green.

going to take to a local joint that does free diagnostics.
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