Asus Zenbook UX303LA or XPS 13 (2015)


Mar 8, 2015
Keep in mind, UK Specs.
Asus Zenbook UX303LA
1.4 Kg
46.8 x 29.2 x 9.2 cm
1 Lithium ion battery
13.3 inches
Core i7
1.8 GHz
Processor Count 2
RAM Size 6 GB
Hard Drive Size 128 GB
Integrated Graphics Card
Battery Energy Content 37 watt_hours
Lithium Battery Weight 500 Grams

XPS 13 (2015)
1.2 Kg
30.2 x 19.8 x 1.3 cm
13.3 inches
Core i5
Processor Speed 2.2 GHz
RAM Size 4 GB
Hard Drive Size 128 GB
Wireless Type 802.11A, Bluetooth
Number Of Lithium Ion Cells 4

The processor speed on the XPS is 2.2, while the Zenbook has 1.8, but 2 of them - is it then faster?
How hot or loud do either of them get? I want to use this for studies, and gaming is not a concern, so I want them to be comfortable and portable. If one can cook sausages while roaring at me, while the other doesn't, no amount of spec difference will sway me.
Is the Zenbook much thicker than the XPS?
Which one takes longer to start-up?
Considering the specs, which one has a longer battery life?
If the XPS really is better than the Zenbook objectively, then is it worth the £890 price tag vs the Zenbook's £708 tag?

Any answers to any of these questions would be deeply appreciated.