Asus Zenbook UX303UB keyboard backlight picture needed


Jan 20, 2016
I have just bought my zenbook Asus Zenbook UX303UB and I see no keyboard backlight. It is not lightning at all (neither during the booting nor later), except for on/off button and capslock indicators. All hotkeys are functioning, including fn + F3 and fn + F4 (for adjusting the brightness of keyboard backlight, but there is nothing to adjust). According to Asus Support webpage, I updated drivers for hotkeys (ATKACPI driver), but it didn’t help.
I contacted the store where I bought it and they say It's not glowing that bright, they could only see it on the maximum settings with a dark background. Now I feel like I have to convince myself that I see some tiny light.
Could someone with similar laptop just post a picture/gif of the keyboard backlight that I see how strong it should shine.
Thanks in advance!