Asus Zenbook UX31A Charging Problem

Arun Kabir

Mar 29, 2013
Recently my Asus Zenbok UX31A suffered a minor drop when the charger was plugged into it's socket. The result was that the laptop stopped charging unless I applied pressure to the head of the charger, I noted that the head seemed slightly bent. I have made a temporary fix using some gorilla tape wrapped around the charger to "straighten" it and create pressure. Anyone know what could have happened? Furthermore I tried rotating the charger 360 while keeping this pressure constant, and it stayed charging, making me thing it's not a jack soldering problem I don't know weather I have to replace the jack (The laptop is out of warranty and I need it on a daily basis for my job) or replace the charger.
In the case of bad contact, it could be either or. There is not much you can do beyond replacing the adapter first and then testing, but if you continue to experience the same issue, check the jack/receptacle. It's unlikely that it needs resoldered, and instead the receptacle may be damaged, thus warranting the jack needing replaced altogether.


Jan 19, 2015
Can you tell me how this was resolved? I have the exact same situation with a minor drop and a slightly bent charging plug. The charger still works if I put pressure on it at just the right angle. I don't want to buy a new charger if it is likely the receptacle.


Apr 21, 2015
I have had the exact probelm (now twice) On the first occasion i had to buy a new jack and find someone capable of soldering it back on (a very delicate process) , Now 6 months later, the jack or the charger head seems loose again and again have problems charging the laptop. Really frustrating. This seems to be a common fault with the asus ux31 laps, In contrast, my wife has a beautiful Yoga ultrabook and the charging socket is the same as a USB one, much more sturdy and reliable! PLEASE TAKE NOTE ASUS , I doubt i will buy another asus ultrabook or laptop with the same type of flimsy Jack/charger head. (and my laptop hasnt suffered any falls , charger being pulled etc etc) Cheers
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