at that time i would have gone to desktop because lappys were too expinsve


Jun 24, 2015
What a beuteful year for laptops
prices have narrowed performance has increased and battry life too
imagen Portability and high performance all in one
ain,t this any gamer,s dream
but let me ask our fellow gamers before 3 years perhaps how laptops were
they would tell you the they feature 3 things.
1- cost tons of money
2- crap performance (they couldn't reach 40% of their matching desktop,s performance)
3-long life battry sacrifice the performance

SO it was a natural thing that most gamers would go to the desktop duo to the lower cost and the higher performance
but these days Laptops have jumped to the next level
and features lower cost and 70 -80 % of their desktops,s performance and long life battery without sacrificing the performance thanx to haswell and maxwell
however some laptops such Alienware x18 still cost tons
(properly 5,000 USD)
so let me ask you this
how do you feel about laptops nowadays after they jumped to this new level? And how would you compare a gaming lappy to a gaming desktop?
Hey I am totally opened for opinions here feel free to share your thoughts


May 25, 2013
I personally prefer desktop over laptop. As a programmer yes it's a default choice, when running bunch of servers on machine for testing along with browser and IDE's.

I feel laptops are good at these things:
1) Travel
2) Entertainment
3) To do everyday tasks i.e. web and light gaming
4) Office work(General which require not so power hungry configuration)

Unless you have tons of money to throw on very high-end laptops which are fast but still lacks in performance compare to desktops at same price level. They were meant to be portable, if it fits your needs it's great otherwise it's nightmare. Well same goes for desktops too. You get performance at high cost, buy them if it fits your needs.
So, let's get to conclusion.
-> Game and need portability, get high end laptop.
-> Game and okay with sticking at one place, get desktop
-> Light weight office work & entertainment, it doesn't matter (Your preference)
-> Rendering & animation, get workstation unless portability is an issue (Desktop are very powerful in those cases)
-> Developing, I prefer workstations....
-> Anything else (Hey, we do have smartphones and tablets!)

You get every form factor out there, buy what you need which satisfies your requirements and budget. This is just my opinion which is based on value for money and usage. Sometimes you have to compromise for some features i.e. memory,storage,portability,processing power etc. to either fit budget or availability.

Answer to the main question: Comparing equal price hardware in laptop and desktop segments you'll always find desktops getting ahead of laptops because of higher thermal headroom. If money isn't an issue for you then go ahead buy laptop if you prefer it. We are at and edge of breaking barrier between mobile gaming and desktop/console gaming with new api's, but it'll take few more years. You can find computers starting from 9$(Board computers) to endless price in different form factors. Choose wisely that fits your needs :)


Jun 24, 2015
You are right about money issu but if you looked on the latest deals for laptops and compared the price to desktop deals the deference is less than 20% and some laptops like Lenovo ThinkPad are realy good deals
below 1,000 USD with good specs to suit any gamer,s needs in games
like this one
Lenovo ThinkPad 14
core i7 4307U 1.7. GHz
gefoce 850m 4GB
8GB ram DDR
15.3 1920x1080 full HD 16:9 widescreen
1 TB hardesk\8GB SSD
laptops will not be faster than desktops for some later years but prices has narrowed
and performance is increasing
when you buy a gaming laptop make sure that
1- the grafic card above or 4GB
2-the processor is quad core
3-the battery is removable so you can attach the power cable to it when you in home (make sure to remove the battery before attaching the cable)
which increase the WAT rate and increase the performance
4-the ram is 8GB and be upgradeable max 16GB for the future
and it will suit you for 3-6 years and run most demanding games and be good for 3D modeling


Jun 24, 2015
Maybe you should get a grafic card like gtx 980m 6GB so it doesn't outdate quickly
remember the grafic card is the most important part for games and builds
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