Question ATH-WS1100IS vs ATH-MSR7 for gaming and casual music

Nov 16, 2018
I'm looking into buying a new headset for semi-competitive gaming and casual but enjoyable music listening. I've came across the WS1100IS and the MSR7 and am struggling to decide what would be better.

My primary concerns for a headphone are:
-Good comfort without mods
-Decent appearance and build quality
-Accurate but "fun" sound

I'm by no means experienced in terms of the audio space so newbie essentially.

In terms of music i listen to its primarily orchestral and movie soundtracks such as GoT, Westworld and Interstellar (These primarily cover the highs and the lows)

I'll be plugging these directly into my Motherboards soundcard which is a fairly new model. Additionally, i'm also generally in a noisy environment so better isolation is also something nice to have in my case. My previous headset is the HyperX Cloud Stingers, i guess they're alright but they have nothing special to them and seem to struggle in reproducing the extremes of either end of the audio spectrum without becoming distorted.
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