atomos ninja vs PC recording


What are you recording from (video camera, DSLR, digital camera, TV, etc.)? Is this for game capture from the PC or are you recording something else? For portability the Atomos Ninja 2 would be better if you are using a video camera, DSLR or digital camera. File transfer from the Ninja 2 should be an easy process since all you have to do is copy the files from the device to your PC. Really it depends on how and what you are recording.


May 11, 2015
My Sony HDR FX7 is broken due to accident while shooting. I bought a DSLR but this T1i footage is not good as Sony FX7. That’s why I'm finding a way to improve what I already have.
I'm intimidated with new 4k camera. I do like my FX7 but if 4k will conquer the video editing industry, I’m dead.
I can’t afford ninja but if it’s needed to improve my video I might use my saving for GH4. But isn’t that GH4 can’t record 4k raw right.


The Atomos Ninja will not improve the quality of the footage shot with the T1i or any other camera. If your main concern is better quality video then do not spend your money on the Ninja. From a quick glance at the specs it does not appear the Panasonic GH4 records 4K RAW.
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