Attempting to reset a Toshiba laptop, holding 0 doesn't really work?


Jan 16, 2012
The Toshiba website says to hold 0 when powering it on. I do this, I get the beeping noise, but it never goes to recovery. I logged in and checked my system volumes and it seems that a TOSHIBA hidden recovery partition exists (checked the name with DISKPART). It's about 1.5GB.

Any idea why I can't get it to work? I have a windows 7 installation CD I'm about to use to do DISKPART clean all, but as I'm having some complications with the activation key, I'd rather do a regular reset and avoid some problems.. I just can't figure out why this won't work.

update: I managed to reinstall, and get my key activated. Problem is solved.


Jan 16, 2011
First, have you backed up any files you don't want to lose? You can press F8 during Windows startup to get to a boot options menu, where the first option is "repair my computer." Many PC makers (including Toshiba) put links to their recovery utility in there. You may need to enter your Windows password if you have one, then select Toshiba recovery.

Be warned: Toshiba recovery takes a while. Then you'd have to do updates, and re-install any programs.


Jan 16, 2012
Nah, I'm fixing a laptop for a relative. It's full of all sorts of viruses that at least 7 different programs couldn't remove. He doesn't want the data so..wiping it.

I'll give what you just said a try.

update: F8 doesn't work, but I was able to reach a repair option. However, it doesn't offer reinstallation. No Toshiba specific options either. I did find a couple basic ways to reinstall - one is strictly via the win7 disc, the other is through some advanced settings in the system. It says it will leave a windows.old.

Out of curiosity, if I wipe the C drive with diskpart, can I use the recovery partition still for any Toshiba specific stuff I may need? I don't want to have to buy some sort of CD from them because I lack some crucial file or something..


Jan 12, 2014

Here is another option: However, let me digress. as one of the previous commenters stated, "backup ALL your files" or better yet create a clone, or an image to re-install later. Ok. here is the problem I had and what I did to solve it. "Restore Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7135 to Original Windows 7 with created recovery disk set when holding 0 doesn't work and F12 boot selection doesn't work". Since the aforementioned did not work, I downloaded a free Win 7 Home Prem ISO and burned it to a DVD. I put it into the drive and executed the 'setup.exe' file. It took a while to install. THEN, when the option to enter the 'KEY' I skipped it. Re-booted laptop and THEN the F2, F9 & F12 keys worked so that I was able to insert my restore disk set (created when I first purchased it). I opted for the COMPLETE erase HDD and restore system to factory original. NOTE HERE!!!!! You MUST not have ANY USB cables connected; usb sticks, drives, mouse or any other EXTERNAL hardware. ONLY the AC cord should be plugged in. Worked for me. Good luck. :) P.S. using diskpart may not be the best option because it interferes with the original system's configuration for the 'Recovery' partition/sectioning on your HDD. :) just sayin.

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