News Audi Q4 e-tron unveiled — and it undercuts Tesla Model Y


Apr 15, 2021
NOT a "Tesla Killer", as usual. Small range, less performance, less cargo, no OTA, No Sentry Mode, no possible FSD. Marque loyalists will buy some. Most sales will cannibalize their ICE, just as the Taycan crushed Panamera sales. Good looking design, slightly smaller form factor which will help in Europe. Will continue to legitimize and expand the BEV market, so good for Tesla. Nice to have alternatives, but still waiting for a Tesla competitor.
More accurate tagline would have been "Cheaper than Model Y".
Apr 16, 2021
Tesla nixed their Standard option because it would suck and only get 240 miles. That $45k E-tron is estimated 250 miles of range on wltp, which will equate to about 180 real world. Honestly, I worry new shiny EV's like the E-tron will just give EVs a bad reputation when people get them and feel nothing but constrained by its lack of range.